Unfinished post

Your story is unfinished…… at this point i don’t even know where am going with this, but yes that’s the point. ¬†I did not have this planned out and perfected before putting it here so reader beware this is a random post { sometimes I wake up all smart and mature- and oh Inspired ūüôā }

In my few years of trying to be an adult, I have learnt a thing or two and am going to share it with you. So here we go;

  • Keep your family close. They are the only real people in your life, the rest keep you around for something that works for them and leave when you need them.
  • There is nothing like fate. stop sitting there doing nothing and expect a whole world of heaven. If you want heaven get up and do something to make that heaven on earth. If you want change and do nothing, nothing changes.
  • You have to be willing to get uncomfortable with SOME things and situations. Good things happen out of your comfort zone.
  • ¬†Not everyone will agree with your choices or decisions. ¬†If its for you, trust your gut, but also learn to listen to what others are saying, doesn’t mean you have to do it but still listen then decide.
  • Learn to let go of things ¬†and people that don’t make you a better person.
  • Stop letting people decide who you should be. Be your own person!
  • Take a trip once in a while …… you do not need millions to do this.
  • Read a book…. don’t ¬†hurry to finish the book, just immerse yourself in it and enjoy it, you might learn a thing or two.
  • Try to learn something everyday.
  • Always keep moving forward…NEVER backwards!

So, Yes your story is unfinished and you can choose how your story develops and the ending. ¬†I refuse to sit around and say its fate when things don’t work out. ¬†Fate can be changed.

Part of the 7 Billion Population


“Choose your friends wisely! There are seven Billion people in the world”

We have all been told, heard and even told ourselves a million times over – CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY.

Friends can either build you,be your downfall or hold you back from taking all the right steps.

First of all am not that wise ūüôā ¬†but I know where the buck stops. ¬†Anyways here is why am (we) are here;

July has been a month of  change and lessons for me.  And the greatest one is what it means to be friends.

I don’t mind having someone to go and grab a bite with or drag along to my shopping trips even worse tell me what I need to hear whenever am feeling like whining like a little spoilt brat! But then this is not friendship!

Friends are straight up honest with you, stand by in both happy and sad times, friends support you, friends do not lie to you,they do not talk ill of you – anywhere!, they absolutely don’t take actions that put you in a bad spot.

My friend lied to me and that got me in trouble at work. ¬†I love my job (Mostly because I have never worked a day! it is that fun) , and the fact that they lied to me to benefit (whatever their reasons) ¬†that hurt me. ¬†But then I am not going to spend my entire life whining about it. ¬†Bottom line friends care about their friends, are honest and have a sense of loyalty. ¬†If you have this and you take it for granted then you don’t deserve to have friends.

As for my friend, they broke the rules and for that it’s their loss. ¬†If we are not helping each other grow or make sure the other person is the best they can be then we are not friends, we are just part of the number – ¬†7 Billion people in the world!



Inspired (Part 2)


Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

Am sorry I kept you waiting but here it is at last.

Bright Gameli, Betty Kyallo, Nathalie Roy, Patricia Okello and James Dacosta;  I only have one word:  POWER TEAM.

I can not even begin to describe you guys but I ¬†will give it a try. ¬†If these gets across to your devices forgive me if I did not say enough or if I¬†¬†praise you too much. If it happens that the praises are too much, then let me just go straight ahead and tell you that you are changing someone’s life everyday- one person at a time. ¬†– ¬†You did give me a different perspective to life and for that, THANK YOU A BIG BUNCH!

Bright Gameli : ¬†He holds a PHD, some mad skill on cyber security! but hey he is not a robot -He is human. ¬†[Some of us have very little skill in Technology and we go all looking superhuman.] . Bright is a genius and am not kidding. ¬†Most of the people imagine breaking into network infrastructures as those 10-sec random button clicks on a movie scene [Again Scorpion and Cyber Intelligence lie to you. ¬†I can also do C: \->netsh command on cmd and you will see some cool lines of code and kapish! a 30 second scene of a movie just happened. ūüėČ ūüėČ ūüėČ ūüôā ]¬† If you want to learn/mentorship on how to be a WHITE HAT HACKER, well here is a secret – reach out to this guy.

Bright has a very inspiring story, in summary –

“You don’t need a million dollars to be or do something great. ¬†All you need is to learn something new everyday, have a passion for what you do and to be a curious person because curiosity breeds great ideas.

About his hacking skills I don’t want to get into because it’s not my speciality – Hey IT is a wide field! I will stick to my day job for now. ¬†(If you want to talk analytics and leading tech teams – am your lady)

My Friends, were shocked ¬†about him the whole time he was talking [ They are definitely going to kill me for this ūüôā ]. They kept asking me if we are safe from this guy as he broke down the numbers of the passwords ¬†he has cracked in seconds and minutes in Nairobi.

Betty Kyallo, She is not just a TV face people! She has a story and she has gone through the ¬†hustle to get to where she is. Don’t think to be on TV you just have to look pretty- for those who think so am sorry. ¬†You need brains and a strong will to keep pushing because it’s a long way up before you get on that screen!

Focus your hunger on the things that you really need”¬†

If you need something really bad, you will do the work to get it.  I agree with her on this.

[Well I always wanted a corner office – I did the work! am not parking 6 cars in front of ¬†a mansion somewhere but am happy where I am. ūüôā ]

Have a plan, learn to listen then act.  If you ever happen to be in a room with her try to say hi to her and talk to her.  РYES, she will stop and talk to you. You will even get a selfie!

If I write about everyone РI will make this a 500 page book.  Time is not on my side so am going to leave you with some good quotes that you can try to take in, they might change your life Рthey are changing mine.

Focus on Value not Money Р James Dacosta

Fear is where you can grow.  Identify your fears and turn them into something beautiful РNathalie Roy. 

Everything you want is on the other side of fear, Push through the line – Patricia Okello


It was a pleasure meeting nd interacting with you guys.  Thank you so much for sharing your Journey with all the people who were in attendance.  I hope that you will keep doing the same and inspiring people. The world needs more of people like you.



Inspired (Part 1)


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Last Saturday, my friend invited me to an event StartUpNowKE organized by Wilkings Fadhili (A very inspiring and one of the most humble people I have ever met) . In all honesty I was feeling lazy and being a Saturday all I wanted to do was just sleep.  But then I did not want to disappoint her, so I ran one errand then I was on my way.

Upon arrival, I did not get the impression I saw on their pages while advertising for the event. And this is where the “secret board members” in my head started plotting on how we shall not stay till the end. I will not bother you with the details of the board meeting ūüôā .

Thirty Minutes went by as my friend and I were catching up on the week long events and all the awesome Exhibition stands and the great people she wants to introduce me to. Finally the event begins and this is when all the magic happened.

Nick Lusson was the first guest, {and the reason for the title of this post ūüôā } and I was inspired and Motivated when he said,

“Successful people engage in Successful Habits”

My question on this was what are the successful habits?

I will not be selfish with this information because I have been trying something great for a week and it was working Miracles.  This guy just added onto it a little more.

Here are the 4 Habits that you need to become a successful person.

  1. Habit of Gratitude   Р Take time every morning to be grateful for something.  Appreciate the small things that we often take for granted in our lives, be grateful for your family, be grateful you are alive and many others.
  2. Continued Improvement – Strive to be better at something each day. As for me I try to learn something new each day.
  3. Self Reflection Р Take a moment, away from your phone, TV, Ipod etc.  Sit in silence and connect with yourself, listen to yourself and find who you are.
  4. Positive Affirmations¬†– make a list of positive things that you would like or you want to tell yourself and tell you those things. ¬†Example: ¬†I am Happy, ¬†I have all I ¬†need to make today a great day, I am Healthy, ¬†I am courageous ……….(This is my personal Best) ¬†Am not the person who stands in front of a mirror and talks to myself but guess what? ¬†Yes, you are right. I tried it Yesterday and today, ¬†am not crazy after all.

This might be something great for you.

“Fear, doubt and procrastination have killed more dreams than failure ever could. You have to get started to achieve your dreams and change your life. You have to be the change you want to see in the world. Every expert started as a beginner, every champion started as a novice. Don‚Äôt be intimidated, start on your path today. The progress you make will astound you. In one year you will be glad you started today. Get started today to improve your life and change the world.”www.nicklusson.com

I would like to keep sharing the amazing content from the event but then I  have to go back to work.  Watch out for the next post for more!

The First Time in 20s!

What do I have to lose?

I asked myself this question for the first time ever in my entire life.

Did I get the right answer or any for that matter?

Well this is what I got…… I won’t know unless ¬†I tried.

And from that point on I decided the following;

  1. Travel and discover new places on your own
  2. Find love
  3. Start saving 
  4. Find a job you are passionate about. 
  5. Have a plan 
  6. Have your Girls/Boys and support each other. 
  7. Start out on your own
  8. Always do Whats Best for you 
  9. Work out as often as you can 
  10. Try out all the new things you ever wish 

Life is there to be lived and so am gonna live it to the fullest.

I have nothing to lose! 



Open hearts

Welcome people with an open heart. ¬† Don’t be quick to judge,people are different and in most occasions you will be surprised at how much or how often you misjudged people in the past.


An open heart goes a long  way than you think.  Sometime a small tiny bit of kindness that you did not even know at that particular time can be so much to someone else. Treat others the way you would like to be treated by both people you know and strangers.