I see you

In the darkest of the night

when I lay me to bed

in the temptest of my thoughts,

and the skip of my beating heart

I see you.

If I have a measure of life

tis through the beauty all around me

when all is set and done.

And when I recline into my shelled existence

all I  want is you.

If  I have a measure of regret

it is the time I  wasnt near you

the moments that passed me by

while you sat all alone

and I did nothing about it

except stare at you.

if I  see you, if all i want is you,

if all I breathe and eat is you

I  hope to god you see me

cause it will be a dark day

when me and my temptest thoughts

are left to be

in the surreptitious slumber

that is my affection for you.



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