This is not a poem, these are my thoughts.

Once your heart is broken, you never really get back to the innocence before your heart was broken into tiny bits of pieces.  You might convince yourself to fix you up but you never do entirely, if you do you never forget.  But then if learning is through experience and you forget the experience what lesson do you get out of it.

Until you get your soul mate and things work, heartbreaks are going to be there, you will trust people and realize they were not worth trusting,you are going to love people who will not love you in return. There is no manual to this really. The heart wants what it wants and you can never tell your heart who to love and who not to love.

You will lock yourself in your own world and tell yourself you will not trust anyone again and so you will not get into relationships with anyone…no one can stop you from convincing yourself. The question you should ask yourself is for how long are you going to keep up with the loneliness and everything you are keeping yourself from? You will invest all your time in your work but what will you do when you will not have that job and no Social life?

You only live once,Have a crush,fall in love, get your heartbroken, heal and fall in love again. Make as many friends as you can, including internet ones they will be real one day (Trust me the world is one small village and you will meet someday.) . Explore the world,take some time off from work and do some fun stuff with family and friends.

Whether the experience is painful or a happy one….IT’S ALL WORTH IT. 


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