Pain Is Power

A few Years ago I lost my mother.  She was the strongest woman I have ever known, she was my pillar and my everything.  Seeing her on her deathbed and her telling me everything is going to be okay did not make sense to me at the time,all I did was cry but still with the pain she was under she convinced me that she is okay and everything will be ok.

Her words still remain in my heart. “Be who you are,let no one convince you otherwise. Get that Education,no one can take that away from you.”

I never talked about my Pain, I would cry in my bed at night,still do. Once you lose a loved one it hurts like Hell.  Everything about them makes you miss them.  The memories will live on and so does the Pain but the Pain doesn’t have to be bad.

Everytime I find myself in a difficult situation I think about my Mum and ask myself if this was her what would she do? and in most times I usually find a way to handle whatever it is.

We all believe that our loved ones are watching over us and am one of them, and I know she is proud of who I have become.

Am thankful for all the things she got to teach me when she was alive. She is my Hero and she still lives on.


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