Music magic

jesus-hilario-h-311382.jpgFunny how some words that someone came up with in their lowest moments and some happiest make our deepest of feelings come out.
Some of this songs were an idea that occurred to the writer /artist when they were high on whatever their poison is…as much as we all  or some of us play judge and jury………. Well we enjoy a good song that a person wrote and recorded under the influence of this things.   I am not Judging.

I have playlists…… And yes I have a song for every moment.
P!nk  has always been my all time artist…….. The songs are something  else.  Some moments just get me compiling lists that I listen to over and over.  I found it a fun thing to do so did my friends who now wish for me to have that low moment and get them a Playlist  :-).  My all time song for the last couple weeks/months has been  “brother –  needtobreathe ft Gavin DeGraw”.  Anytime any day I will sing along to this. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t.


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