The First Time in 20s!

What do I have to lose?

I asked myself this question for the first time ever in my entire life.

Did I get the right answer or any for that matter?

Well this is what I got…… I won’t know unless  I tried.

And from that point on I decided the following;

  1. Travel and discover new places on your own
  2. Find love
  3. Start saving 
  4. Find a job you are passionate about. 
  5. Have a plan 
  6. Have your Girls/Boys and support each other. 
  7. Start out on your own
  8. Always do Whats Best for you 
  9. Work out as often as you can 
  10. Try out all the new things you ever wish 

Life is there to be lived and so am gonna live it to the fullest.

I have nothing to lose! 



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