Inspired (Part 2)

Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

Am sorry I kept you waiting but here it is at last.

Bright Gameli, Betty Kyallo, Nathalie Roy, Patricia Okello and James Dacosta;  I only have one word:  POWER TEAM.

I can not even begin to describe you guys but I  will give it a try.  If these gets across to your devices forgive me if I did not say enough or if I  praise you too much. If it happens that the praises are too much, then let me just go straight ahead and tell you that you are changing someone’s life everyday- one person at a time.  –  You did give me a different perspective to life and for that, THANK YOU A BIG BUNCH!

Bright Gameli :  He holds a PHD, some mad skill on cyber security! but hey he is not a robot -He is human.  [Some of us have very little skill in Technology and we go all looking superhuman.] . Bright is a genius and am not kidding.  Most of the people imagine breaking into network infrastructures as those 10-sec random button clicks on a movie scene [Again Scorpion and Cyber Intelligence lie to you.  I can also do C: \->netsh command on cmd and you will see some cool lines of code and kapish! a 30 second scene of a movie just happened. 😉 😉 😉 🙂 ]  If you want to learn/mentorship on how to be a WHITE HAT HACKER, well here is a secret – reach out to this guy.

Bright has a very inspiring story, in summary –

“You don’t need a million dollars to be or do something great.  All you need is to learn something new everyday, have a passion for what you do and to be a curious person because curiosity breeds great ideas.

About his hacking skills I don’t want to get into because it’s not my speciality – Hey IT is a wide field! I will stick to my day job for now.  (If you want to talk analytics and leading tech teams – am your lady)

My Friends, were shocked  about him the whole time he was talking [ They are definitely going to kill me for this 🙂 ]. They kept asking me if we are safe from this guy as he broke down the numbers of the passwords  he has cracked in seconds and minutes in Nairobi.

Betty Kyallo, She is not just a TV face people! She has a story and she has gone through the  hustle to get to where she is. Don’t think to be on TV you just have to look pretty- for those who think so am sorry.  You need brains and a strong will to keep pushing because it’s a long way up before you get on that screen!

Focus your hunger on the things that you really need” 

If you need something really bad, you will do the work to get it.  I agree with her on this.

[Well I always wanted a corner office – I did the work! am not parking 6 cars in front of  a mansion somewhere but am happy where I am. 🙂 ]

Have a plan, learn to listen then act.  If you ever happen to be in a room with her try to say hi to her and talk to her.  – YES, she will stop and talk to you. You will even get a selfie!

If I write about everyone – I will make this a 500 page book.  Time is not on my side so am going to leave you with some good quotes that you can try to take in, they might change your life – they are changing mine.

Focus on Value not Money –  James Dacosta

Fear is where you can grow.  Identify your fears and turn them into something beautiful – Nathalie Roy. 

Everything you want is on the other side of fear, Push through the line – Patricia Okello


It was a pleasure meeting nd interacting with you guys.  Thank you so much for sharing your Journey with all the people who were in attendance.  I hope that you will keep doing the same and inspiring people. The world needs more of people like you.




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