Part of the 7 Billion Population


“Choose your friends wisely! There are seven Billion people in the world”

We have all been told, heard and even told ourselves a million times over – CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY.

Friends can either build you,be your downfall or hold you back from taking all the right steps.

First of all am not that wise ūüôā ¬†but I know where the buck stops. ¬†Anyways here is why am (we) are here;

July has been a month of  change and lessons for me.  And the greatest one is what it means to be friends.

I don’t mind having someone to go and grab a bite with or drag along to my shopping trips even worse tell me what I need to hear whenever am feeling like whining like a little spoilt brat! But then this is not friendship!

Friends are straight up honest with you, stand by in both happy and sad times, friends support you, friends do not lie to you,they do not talk ill of you – anywhere!, they absolutely don’t take actions that put you in a bad spot.

My friend lied to me and that got me in trouble at work. ¬†I love my job (Mostly because I have never worked a day! it is that fun) , and the fact that they lied to me to benefit (whatever their reasons) ¬†that hurt me. ¬†But then I am not going to spend my entire life whining about it. ¬†Bottom line friends care about their friends, are honest and have a sense of loyalty. ¬†If you have this and you take it for granted then you don’t deserve to have friends.

As for my friend, they broke the rules and for that it’s their loss. ¬†If we are not helping each other grow or make sure the other person is the best they can be then we are not friends, we are just part of the number – ¬†7 Billion people in the world!




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