You Put the Hunger Back in my Heart

arnel-hasanovic-5321.jpgPhoto by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Real Love will make us know who we are….We still Love – Olly Murs .

I used to sing along to this song not because  every song has a story/memory to it but because I love music and I know lyrics to almost every song in my playlist .  Now I almost don’t want to sing along to it so I usually skip it every time it comes on.

I thought I was strong but then guess what it was all a lie that my brain built up and convinced me to believe.  I know  you are about to judge me if you haven’t already but hey I’m not going to play the blame game here.  I am accepting responsibility for my actions and thoughts.

When you meet love and not just any love but real LOVE ,it turns you weak, it makes you bring down your love defense shields – not all at once but slowly one by one, it makes you think you were wrong, it makes you do things you never thought you could do.

If you think you love someone and there is no time that you atleast disliked or ‘hated’  them for something they did that you thought was not good for you and by you – Am sorry to break it to you- You dont love them.

Love is full reactions. – sometimes you just cant sleep without thinking of the people you care about.  Love scares you so you dont want to admit it because you dont want to be vulnerable- no rush just dont let it kill you, know when to let it out and face the truth.

Love has taught me to appreciate it when i have it, to always live in the moment however little time the moment could have- it could be days months , see the good in it and pick lessons from what is bad of it.  Dont be scared to love, It can be confusing but its the most beautiful thing you can ever experience!



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