It is important! Apologize to yourself.

Quick Question.  When was the last time you apologized to yourself?  I know this sounds crazy… maybe you are asking why you need to apologize to yourself.

shifaaz-shamoon-198085Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

Well it is very important.  You can only forgive others of their wrong doings if you forgive yourself.  Now you are about to start switching this to Preach sister preach but that’s not what I’m doing.

It took me a long time to realize this but I finally did.  I have wronged myself so many times and I never thought even for one second to say am sorry to myself.   No, this ain’t about making me feel good about myself so that i can get a good night sleep.  This is about connecting with your inner self, being self-aware.

I have made promises to myself in the past which I haven’t kept and this has once or twice led me to a path that I did not like.  Not once did I stop and think to apologize to myself for the mistakes after the decisions I made but gave excuses instead and sometimes blamed it on someone or something.

After sometime I began to realize that whenever something went wrong I wasn’t taking responsibility for my part in it.  This is when I began to first apologize to me before the other person.  Then I realized the power in this small ‘unimportant’ thing.

Before you tell someone they are beautiful tell it to yourself, before you say sorry to someone else, tell this to you then the next person.  Always do right by you and after that then do right by the other person.  If you cannot do right by you then you are not capable of doing right by someone else.

Always apologize to you first! It is Important.




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